Hi! Thanks for joining me for Beginning Paper Mosaics. So, what exactly is a "paper mosaic"? Well, we are using small bits of paper to make a larger image. That's a mosaic - made with paper - so... "Paper Mosaic"!

This course will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a paper mosaic from start to finish. You can join me and create a butterfly, or you can take what you learn and make something else. Even if you have worked in paper mosaics before, I hope you will find lots of tips that you can incorporate into your work and style.

In each lesson, I've included a supply list of products that I used in the lessons. Of course, you can feel free to substitute your own supplies or other brands and items as you wish. I have included links to the items, but you can get them anywhere convenient to you.

Let's get started!